Sunday, December 5, 2010

Make your own Irresistible Cookie!

Seasons greeting to everyone!  In the next couple of weeks I will be sharing some new classroom resources and fun activities for fans of Floyd and the Irresistible Cookie. I hope you enjoy them!

Today's activity is Make your Own Irresistible Cookie!

This project is easy and can be adapted for different skill levels. By the way, I drew that cookie by hand just like I did for the book's illustrations, so that is the real thing!

Just download the Irresistible Cookie Ornament Handout and print.
I recommend to use card stock if you can for the best results but plain old paper works just fine, too. For those working with older students, you can have them cut out the cookie shape instead of the border outline if you want to get fancy.

The original Irresistible Cookie is red with white frosting, but you may wish to encourage your artists to create their own version of the cookie. It could be red and green, blue for Hanukkah, or even rainbow!

And how about some GLITTER?!!! I love glitter! In the original illustrations, I used clear sparkling glitter on the white frosting parts, but you can put it anywhere. That clear glitter that looks like beautiful snow sparkles is awesome, but any color will add something special. For a less-mess option, try glitter glue or 3-D glitter paints in squeeze bottles. What about adding some sequins? Or pom poms? Have fun and be creative!

If anyone would like to send pictures of your creations, I'll post them here on my blog! Check back in for more Floyd and the Irresistible Cookie activities!

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