Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Puppet Time!

Here’s the next Floyd and the Irresistible Cookie Activity. If you missed them, we've already worked on Irresistible Cookie ornaments and word puzzles. Give them a try!

Today, it's Floyd, Tiny and Larue Paper Bag Puppets!  Play along with the book or video using these fun and easy puppets...

First, you’ll need a flat-bottomed paper bag like a lunch bag for each puppet. Gift bags work fine, too, if you cut the handles off. I got some little paper bags from the craft store where they also sell them in different colors. Just about any size will work as long as you can fit your hand inside and it’s not too huge.

Next, you’ll need to print off the puppet patterns shown below. Card stock works the best, or use regular paper like I did. FYI- There is one paws pattern sheet to use for all three dogs. If you’re making Larue and Tiny, you don’t need the tail because they are Pembroke Welsh Corgis (No tails! Floyd is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi: the corgi with a tail.).

Floyd Puppet Pattern
Larue Puppet Pattern
Tiny Puppet Pattern
Tail/Paws Pattern

Now, color with whatever you like: colored pencils, markers, crayons, paint... Here are my examples with the character’s real colors, but feel free to change the colors around if you wish! You could color or add fur texture lines to the paper bag, too, if you have time.

Next, cut out all of the pattern parts. Little kids might want to get some help with this step from bigger kids or grown-ups.

Finally, get your paper bag and use a glue stick to attach the pieces as shown on the directions sheet below (click on the link to download a full-size easy-to-read printable).

Puppet Directions
 You’re done! Now BARK!!

Hope you have fun with this puppet craft! It's officially Floyd-Approved!


  1. I LOVE these!!! Thank you so much for providing the instructions and patterns!! :D

  2. These are super cute and I will be doing them fashioned after our house Cardi's Pi and Lola for my Daughter to color and play with on her next afternoon stuck in the house. (Which given the weather as of late could be anytime now.)

    Thanks for posting. :-)