Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY Christmas Decorations --"Kid Friendly", too!!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all! The holiday season has begun and this is the perfect time to make your own very inexpensive yet impressive decorations! I'll be posting some ideas for you over the next few weeks, starting with...

 LA LA LA!!!!!!!....

Here are a couple of musical snowflakes I made today!
Festive Christmas Carol Decorations: Paper Snowflakes, Paper Chains and Ornaments

Use recycled sheet music to create some cool crafts! Try yard sales or flea markets to find these, or download and print out pages from your favorite holiday song. You can even print the pages out on classy parchment paper or brightly-colored paper, too.  Download some free legal holiday sheet music here:

Then, cut out snowflakes, make paper chains, or fold into fans or shape into candy-filled cones and turn those into pretty Victorian-style tree ornaments, or make your favorite origami shapes... I bet you can come up with other ideas, too.  Add colorful accents with paint or glitter.

To make a paper chain: Cut a strip of paper about 1 - 2 inches wide by 6 inches, loop into a circle and glue or tape together. Add each segment by passing the new strip through the previous loop before fastening. Keep going for miles!