Sunday, November 28, 2010

Floyd Holiday Book & New Floyd Art

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! The holiday season is upon us and I am working to get my second Floyd book under wraps for its spring release. I thought I'd share some of the finished art and synopsis from Floyd and the Mysterious Night Time Noise as I'm working on the digital end of things (scanning, setting type, etc.).

Don't forget the first Floyd book Floyd and the Irresistible Cookie is available on VIDEO format! This is a story for the holiday season and is recommended for ages 4-8 or anyone who loves Christmas, cookies or corgis. Read along with your paperback or watch the video while baking your own Irresistible Cookies! Click HERE for more info!

For Spring 2011 release:
Floyd and the Mysterious Night Time Noise SYNOPSIS: 

Floyd and the Mysterious Night Time Noise is about a dog named Floyd who can’t get to sleep.  The problem is a strange noise that keeps waking him up in the night. Floyd must find out just where that Mysterious Noise is coming from.

With the help of his two canine companions,Tiny and Larue,
Floyd bravely searches everywhere to find the noise.
He is, as always, very determined, but is he successful?

Floyd discovers that he is braver than he thought, and that sometimes the clues to a mystery are right under your nose.

The characters and illustrations are based on the imaginary adventures of  the author’s own dogs, three beloved Welsh Corgis.

Here are some of the original illustrations soon to become book and video!! I hope you enjoy them!

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