Sunday, September 12, 2010

Celebrate National ARTS IN EDUCATION WEEK!

September 12-18, 2010 has been designated National Arts in Education Week! This is a time to celebrate visual and performing arts education for students of all ages.

I feel very fortunate to be teaching students in my hometown about what I love most: ART! I wouldn’t be an artist and teacher today if I hadn’t had a chance to learn about the arts when I was young.

When I was growing up, there were many teachers that helped me learn about the arts and influenced my life, even to this day. Mrs. Harding was my art teacher at the Acushnet Elementary School. I still have some of the projects I made in her class! The very talented and patient Dianna Couto gave me oil painting lessons from around age 10 through age 15. My high school French teacher Pierre Paquin taught me about art and music history and brought our group to my first-ever Broadway show. In college, Dr. Theodore Davidovitch allowed me to sing with the Chorale at W.S.C. We even got to travel and perform in Europe one semester. Walter Korzec was hands-down my most supportive college art professor and one of my teaching role models along with my cooperating teacher Diane Allen at Juniper Park School in Westfield, MA. And of course, I can’t forget that during my childhood, my parents made the effort to bring my brother and sister and me to all sorts of museums, including the Boston MFA (even though I cried because I was afraid of the mummies)!

There have been many other people and arts educators in my life who’ve made me the artist, musician, teacher and person I am today--and I’m still learning!

So today, thank a teacher you’ve had in your life, and thank your administrators and school committees that support these programs because they know THE ARTS MATTER!!

For more information, the web sites below explain how and why arts education and experiences are important for all students.
Arts Action Fund
National Arts Education Association
Why the Arts Matter from ARTSEDGE
...but Don't Forget the Arts from ARTSEDGE
Americans for the Arts

And for more about supporting arts education, check out this informational flyer from the NAEA:

FYI- In support of Art Ed., I have posted this same entry on my classroom and studio blogs!

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