Sunday, September 5, 2010


It still feels like summer here in southeastern Massachusetts but autumn is close by. I feel it in the cool night air and see it in the late summer flowers that finally turn bright colors of orange, gold, and maroon. Artists are often inspired by nature, and I am grateful to experience four beautiful seasons where I live. I've chosen some of my favorite art works that are beautiful examples of how artists have expressed this season. Enjoy and be inspired!

Janet Fish, 2009

Rowan Leaves with Hole
Andy Goldsworthy, 2009

Goldfish and Autumn
Janet Fish, 2009

Kai Province, Monkey Bridge
Hiroshige, c.1850

Autumn in the Village
Marc Chagall, c. 1940

Woven Bamboo Wind
Andy Goldsworthy, 2003

Autumn Landscape
Louis C. Tiffany, 1923

Mulberry Tree
Vincent Van Gogh, c. 1880's

Autumn Leaves
David Hockney, 2008

Andrew Wyeth, 1951

Autumn Leaves
Alexander Calder, 1950

My Autumn
Georgia O'Keeffe, 1929

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