Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another Sparkling Craft

One week left of August, and though I'm back to school on Monday, I know some of you lucky people still have a week left before you go back. Enjoy the summer days reading Floyd and the Sparkling Seashell and making one more Sparkling Seashell craft:
Seashell Necklaces!
(Kids, you may want a grown up to help with this.)
Step 1: Get some seashells! You can collect them from a beach or buy them at a craft store. If you get them on the beach, it's a good idea to wash and dry them.
Step 2: Put holes in the shells using a diamond-tipped drill submerged in water--what???!! Yes that's how to do it. Too much trouble for me, so I used a little piece of pipe cleaner bent into a loop and attached with hot glue. Piece of cake.
Step 3: Cut a ribbon or string about 18 inches long.
Step 4: Thread the string through the shell's loop or hole.
Step 5: Add pony beads in any kind of pattern you like (You can use other kinds of beads, too, but pony beads are easiest to thread.).
Step 6: Tie string in a knot.

FYI--You can add as many shells and beads as you like. I also used some glitter glue and a paintbrush to add sparkle to some of my shells.

If you don't have real shells, you can print out my Floyd Seashell Necklace handout, color and cut, and add those on. Have fun!

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