Monday, July 29, 2013

Exciting Summer Project Updates!

So this morning I finished my full-size pencil drawings for Floyd and the Sparkling Seashell, my third Floyd book due out next spring. Yay!!

Since this is a 40-page book, I have to make 18 2-page spreads and a cover, so a total of 19 art works! Finished size is 17.5 by 11.5 inches, so this is a big order to say the least.

After doing all the thumbnails in my sketchbook and prepping my paper, I was able to get going on the final pencil drawing. They are pretty close to the thumbnails, but I did change a bit for the better in the final versions. Here's what that much art work looks like:

Monroe and Farley: Art Guardians
There is still some refining to do; I will go back and probably tweak a few things, such as poses or details, and get it cleaned up better with my erasers before starting the color work. I will also scan all of the drawings first in pencil. This way, if I have a major disaster, I still have a full size digital version to refer to if I have to do a complete revision. You never know, I feel better having this done even if I'll never use them.

Here's a bit of a close-up of the drawings, a little hard to see the pencil but visit this blog again and you might be able to get a sneak preview on some of the scans!

Don't forget I'll be at the Fairhaven Farmers Market this Sunday, August 4. I'll be there from 1-4 and the Story Hour will be at 2:00! Hope to see you there!

And check out a new project my friends and I are fundraising for, all to benefit arts education: peace

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