Sunday, March 3, 2013

"The Hibernating House" Hits the Shelves!

The Hibernating House cover art
It's here, it's here!!

After a LOOOOONG winter it is surely a sign of spring that The Hibernating House was released this week!

The Hibernating House is by Massachusetts authors Sandy Tarentino and Kathy Leahy. They were a great team to work with on the illustrations for this book which I think are some of my best yet. The illustrations were created over summer 2012: check out blog entries from July and August to read more about it.

If you love the seasons changing and summer  getaways, you will love this book!  It also celebrates family memories, those moments you hope children will always remember. The authors used their own families' summer memories as inspiration for The Hibernating House and generously shared those with me so I could hopefully capture what they pictured in the illustrations. 

Here is the official synopsis:

Bears hibernate. Groundhogs hibernate. Skunks hibernate. Would you like to meet a house that hibernates? Welcome to The Hibernating House. Get ready to explore the activities of this main character as it gets cozy to sleep the winter away, awakens to the laughter of children on a warm spring day, and watches a family as it creates unforgettable memories. Take a walk through this ocean side town and glimpse the changes that take place page by page, season by season, as The Hibernating House transforms right before your very eyes.

Sh, Sh, Sh!
Quiet as a mouse
This is the hibernating house. . . 

By the way, this is the first book I have worked on available in HARDCOVER as well as paperback! I have not even seen a print copy yet myself with my own eyes, and I can't wait!  You can order on Amazon, or if you'd like a copy signed by both of the authors, email author Kathy Tarentino at

In the meantime, thanks to all who have supported all of my book projects and I hope you all enjoy this new one!

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