Sunday, December 2, 2012

Merry Musical Christmas!!

Last week I posted that I'd add some more Christmas crafts in a couple of days...What was I thinking??? The Christmas season is upon us and already it is busy busy busy! So here's finally another craft using sheet music.

I can't imagine the holidays without music so creating some decorations with old sheet music is perfect.  This idea came from an epic fail trying to make paper roses. Despite that, I did figure out how to make a really cool musical garland for my tiny Christmas tree! It's really fun and easy!

1. First get some sheet music. I like old sheet music that's turned a little ivory colored, but if you can't find any, you can print these holiday songs from your computer for free on any kind of paper you like. Please don't photocopy music. It's illegal and Santa will get mad!

2. Next, cut a circular shape from the center of the paper. It doesn't have to be perfect. I like mine a little wiggly.

3. Now cut a spiral from the outside working in toward the middle of the shape. Just follow your outer shape. Cut it thinner for a small tree, thicker for a bigger tree.

4. Carefully unravel the spiral. It will twist and turn in lots of places, looking very garland-y!
This is the spiral before being unraveled.

5. Now place it on your tree! You don't really need to connect the ends together as you hang it, but you can tape the pieces together as you go (that may work better on a large tree). Here's what my tree looks like with the garland on:

Now it's time for me to hang the rest of my ornaments! Check back in for more fun crafty ideas and some Christmas greetings from Floyd and friends, too!

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