Monday, July 16, 2012

Getting Inspired: A Day on the Island

Right now it is sticky hot and I am taking a break from drawing to do a little blogging because its too hot to do just about anything else!

I was thrilled last week to spend a wonderful day with Kathy and Sandy, the authors of my summer book project, The Hibernating House! The story is about a summer cottage near the ocean in a little seaside town (what a perfect summer project, right?). I am very lucky to live in a little seaside town myself which can give me some inspiration for my illustrations, but we also happen to live really close (under an hour by ferry) to one of the most beautiful islands in the Northeast, Martha’s Vineyard. So here’s a little peek at my lovely day on the Vineyard with Kathy and Sandy through pictures...

This seagull perched itself right at the top if the ferry, ready to sail. We set out from Falmouth, MA.
A view of MV from the Woods Hole Ferry as Kathy and I sail into Oak Bluffs. One of our inspiration houses is right in this area.

The ferry dock is unloading, and Sandy is waiting for Kathy and me to take us around the island!
Sandy's in the red shirt, waiting on the dock to take us around the island!
One of our first stops, the jetty rocks that will appear in the book.
We drove though some beautiful beach areas along the road, including this famous bridge from the scene in JAWS!!
We arrived at "Easy Breezy" the main inspiration house for the book! It is even more charming than I had imagined!
We sat on the porch, had some snacks, and looked at some of the sketches for the book. What a tough job!!

I met some of Sandy's family including Finnegan who just might find himself in the pages of the book!

The tour continued through beautiful Edgartown...
The 4th of July parade route through Edgartown, still festive!

We watched the shortest ferry ride ever to Chappaquiddick....
And we visited a pretty farm stand...
... and then found our way back into Oak Bluffs to see the famous campground gingerbread cottages... I love this front porch!!
Like walking through a fairy tale...
Then around the park...
... and to the carousel...
After a yummy late lunch it was time to catch the ferry back. What a beautiful day!
Here we are on the front porch, Kathy in blue, Sandy in red, and me with my sketch book.

Now, how could anyone not be inspired by all of that? Time to get back to my drawing!

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