Monday, August 22, 2011

Farm Day at the Farmers Market!

Farm Day at the Fairhaven Farmers Market on Aug. 21 was a great success! A beautiful day and lots of cool farm animals and equipment drew a fantastic crowd. I had a great time at my book table and I also had a chance to take some pictures. Click on the images to view larger. Enjoy!

My niece and her little friends.
Hello there!
I give you a kiss, mwaaaah!
The llama was a big hit!
A bunny sighting.
The chicken man
A famous chicken

Quality time with a chicken
Two baby sheep and a goat were my neighbors at the market this week!
A friendly goat
A big crowd came out for Farm Day!
Fluffy sheep eating grass!!

The market is supported by the Fairhaven Sustainability Committee. Check out their booth next time you're there!
Hello, bunny.
Lots of farm vehicles and equipment were on display this week...

My niece Isabelle and her faithful bunny.
The lawn at FHS, my alma mater
One of the stars of the day, the llama named Macho

My husband held down the fort at my table while I took pictures. Thanks Matt!!

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