Sunday, May 2, 2010

Big News: The Floyd DVD!

It is a gorgeous day in Massachusetts. Just finished some planting and weeding overseen by the three corgis from their posts on the deck. Spring has finally made it!

So, my big news:
I am so happy to announce that a DVD of Floyd and the Irresistible Cookie is now in the process of being created!!

Thanks to the Somerled Charitable Foundation, an amazing video version of my book using my original art and story will be available soon. Wendy Macdonald is the producer of the project who proposed the idea to me back in December. I cannot thank her enough on behalf of all the artists and projects she and Somerled have nurtured.

Cinematographer Philip Holahan has done a fantastic job giving my illustrations a second life. The narration by the wonderful actress Heidi Swedberg (if you’re a Seinfeld die-hard fan like me, you’ll remember her as George’s fiancĂ©e Susan) is absolutely perfect. I love listening to her read my story and I know everyone else will, too! Finally, my very talented husband Matt Richard composed and is getting ready to record the musical soundtrack which runs throughout the whole video. It is, of course, the best soundtrack ever.

There is more work to do on the project but I will keep everyone posted. It will most likely be available as a digital download first and proceeds from the sales will go to a worthy animal-related cause to be announced later.

The book is still available at all the usual places: Baker Books in Dartmouth,,,

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